Schedule 2018

Thursday 18th January (1pm)    Terrey Hills *     2BBB

Thursday 8th February (1pm)    The Lakes *    2Ball Agg

Sun 4th – Sat 10th February 2017    Queenstown NZ Tour   

Thursday  8th  March (1.30pm)    Twin Creeks*    2 Ball Agg

Wednesday 11th April (12 noon)     Avondale *    2BBB

Wed 25th – Mon 30th April 2018     Gold Coast Trip    

Thursday 10th May (12 noon)    Ryde Parramatta*    2BBB

Thursday 7th June (11:30am)    The Lakes *     2 Ball Agg

Thursday 5th July (12.30pm)     Long Reef*    2BBB

Tuesday 14th August (11:30am)    New South Wales # *     2 Ball Agg

Tuesday 18th September (12 noon)      St Michaels *    2BBB

Thursday 18th October  (1pm)    Concord *    2BBB

Thursday  8th November (1pm)    Macquarie Links*     2 Ball Agg

15th – 20th Nov 2018    Mornington Trip     

Tuesday 11th  December (1pm)    New South Wales    2BBB

*  Brian Ireland Shield round (11 rounds)

#  Cottom Cup (over one round)

 Schedule 2019

Thursday 17th January (1pm) The Lakes * 2BBB

Thursday 7th February (1pm) Terrey Hills *2BBB

Sun 17th – Sat 23th February Perth

 Thursday 7th March (1.30pm) Twin Creeks*2BBB

 Wednesday 10th April (12 noon) Avondale *2 Ball Agg

Wed 24th – Mon 29th April 2018 Gold Coast Trip

 Thursday 9th May (12 noon) Ryde Parramatta*2BBB

Thurs 13th June (11.30am) Bonnie Doon*2BBB

Thursday 4th July (12.30pm) Long Reef*2BBB

Tuesday 13th August (11:30am) New South Wales # * 2 Ball Agg

Tuesday 17th September (12 noon) St Michaels *2BBB

Thursday 17th October (1pm) Concord *2BBB

Thursday 14th November (1pm) Macquarie Links* 2BBB

21st - 26th November 2019 Tour – Mornington

 Tuesday 10th December (1pm) New South Wales 2BBB

* Brian Ireland Shield - 11 rounds - best 5 to count

#Cottom Cup - over 1 round